A young girl. A foreign land. An assassination.

Prequel short story to the Red Heeled Rebels Novel Series is available on all major online stores, but get your free copy here
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“I tell compelling, adventure stories to spur the world to change. I believe empowered and inspired girls are the solution to the world’s biggest problems, from the health of our planet to the robustness of our economies. Girls are our future. If we continue to abuse or ignore them, we do so at our own peril.”


A lost orphan – A forced marriage – A fugitive on the run

Asha’s a stranger in a strange land. After losing her parents to a fiery crash in Tanzania, she’s shipped off to a seaside town in Goa to join an extended family she’s never met. Believing she’s finally found a home, she tries to adjust, but very soon has to flee a forced marriage to the vilest man in the village. But does Asha know she’s only walking into another trap?

Released on 1 January 2018. Get your copy by clicking on book cover here or below.