Has the World Turned Upside Down?

I am appalled.

The United Nations has lost all credibility in my eyes. That Saudi Arabia has now been appointed to oversee human rights issues is a despicable joke. A vicious joke. This is a country where women are not permitted to drive, let alone walk by themselves in public. Where Christians are persecuted and human rights activists are flogged. Where if you’re gay, you are certain to face death at the hands of the state. Where saving face for a community is greater than the life of a girl. This is a country that just ran an ad to hire eight new executioners, and has this year, beheaded more people than that dreadful, disgraceful ISIS. This is who is running the United Nations Human Rights Council panel?  How does your stomach turn? Mine feels like a tornado.

I am saddened.

I have lost all respect & confidence in the United Nations, an organisation that is supposed to stand up for human rights around the world, an international body on which we have relied since the second world war to speak for those who cannot, a bastion against injustice, one that represents all of us in the human race. What the heck happened? Has our world turned upside down? Have money and politics outdone integrity and decency?

I am angry.

Not a penny of my charity dollars will go to this corrupt, spineless organisation or any of its related subsidiaries or partners. That includes you too, UNICEF. Sadly, I’m done with you. No, not one penny, until we rebuild a strong organisation, one with integrity and probity, one that truly represents human rights and stands up for our common values of respect, freedom and egalitarianism. (And for those of you still in the fifteenth century, humans do include women, gays, writers, artists, technologists, entrepreneurs, scientists, yes and female scientists too.)

I beg the powers that be: No more backdoor politicking. No more pandering to hypocrisy. No more allowing political correctness to trump the Right Thing To Do. No more of our hard earned tax dollars for the United Nations please.


  • Tikiri

    Thank you Marc, for your kind and thoughtful words and for sharing your opinion. I cannot agree more about questioning “the insanity of in-humanness towards other human beings” as you so well said. If we don’t stand up for what’s right, then what’s life worth, eh?

  • Marc G. Doutherd

    I thought that your article was very good and that it is this type of public disclosure of information that may, if continued on a regular
    basis, cause the sleeping giant of humanity to awake from its slumber and move to action in the removal of leaders the are inadequate in hearing the peoples cry for fare and just treatment. To champion the plight of widows and orphans displaced and in harms way because of the policies of the feeble minded. So Thank you with hug from me for being a part of that voice that dares to question the insanity of in-humanness towards other human beings!Bravo!

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