Live Boldly

Push Yourself

Never Settle

Never Apologize for Who You Are

Its Time to Be a Rebel and be the Kickass Heroine of Your Own Life

If you like journaling with fun quotes and guided worksheets, you’ll love the Rebel Diva journals. They will help you break free of the limitations holding you back, redesign your life and live your dreams. Stop surviving. Start thriving. And don’t waste another minute of your precious life!

My Rebel Dreams Rebel Diva Journal 1 – helps you uncover your life’s purpose and vision

My Rebel PlansRebel Diva Journal 2 – creates a treasure map to get to your life’s dreams

My Rebel Life – Rebel Diva Journal 3 – gives you the blueprints to create harmony and happiness in your life

Journal 1 – My Rebel Dreams

Discover your purpose and power up your life

Are you feeling stuck in life? Or in a never-ending rut?

This first Rebel Diva journal helps you uncover your why. You’ll discover what you love doing and what you’re really good at, so you can get unstuck, and create a vision for your life based on your own true values.

Coming 27 December 2017

Journal 2 – My Rebel Plans

Create a treasure map for your life’s dreams

Do you fantasize about that perfect life, that dream home, or that amazing job? But struggle to get them?

This second Rebel Diva journal will show you how bring your dreams to life. It will guide you through smart goals and action plans to design a treasure map unique to you, so you can take the steps to create the life you always dreamed about.

Coming 1 February 2018

Journal 3 – My Rebel Life

Create new habits that bring harmony and happiness to your life

Do you feel exhausted trying to do everything? Do you struggle to find balance in your life?

This third Rebel Diva journal identifies the ten important facets of your life, and using time tested practices, gives you the blueprints to focus your priorities and create a harmonious life, without burning out.

Coming 1 April 2018