The Rebel Diva Journals


Feeling stuck? In a rut? Wondering what the point of all this is?

If this is you, the Rebel Diva personal empowerment journals are for you. They will show you how to push aside mediocrity, follow your own path, and make something awesome of your life.  If you like easy-to-read journals with fun quotes, motivational stories and lots of space for you to plan your dream life, you’ll like the Rebel Diva journal series.

My Rebel Dreams Rebel Diva Journal 1 helps you discover your life’s purpose and vision.

My Rebel PlansRebel Diva Journal 2 – creates a plan to get you to your dreams.

My Rebel Life – Rebel Diva Journal 3 – brings harmony and happiness to the ten main facets of your life.

Don’t waste another moment of your precious life. Break free of any shackles that hold you back, redesign your life and live your dreams. Stop surviving. Start thriving. Be a rebel.


Journal 1 – My Rebel Dreams

Feeling stuck? In a rut? Want to leave a job you hate or lose those extra pounds? Before you do anything, anything, ask yourself first who you are and what you want to become. Focus on the life you want to build in the long run, and all these other things will fall into place with less effort than you’d imagine.

This first journal – My Rebel Dreams – helps you discover your why and your vision. Using guided exercises, it takes you through a journey to understand what you’re made of, what you love doing and what you’re really good at. At the end of this journal, you’ll have in your hand a vision board based on your true values – a design tailored for the life you dream about.


Journal 2 – My Rebel Plans

This second journal My Rebel Plans shows you how to create a plan that will make the vision you identified in Journal 1 come alive. Step by step, it guides you through your smart goals, your unique action plans and the mindset and habits you’ll need to become successful. At the end of this journal, you’ll have a unique treasure map that, if you follow, will get you to the life you dream about.



Journal 3 – My Rebel Life

This third journal – My Rebel Lifeidentifies the ten most important facets of your life, and using time tested best practices, it shows you how to create a blueprint tailored just for you to create a more harmonious and balanced life. This journal has easytoimplement tips and tricks for each area of your life that you can implement each day towards creating a happier and a healthier you.


The Rebel Diva Journals coming out in 2018. Stay tuned!