Live Boldly
Never Settle
Never Apologize for Who You Are
It’s Time to Be a Rebel and Be the Heroine of Your Own Life
So, What’s Stopping you?

Do you feel stuck in a rut, like every day is the same beige, boring nothingness? Do you feel frustrated, always being the one giving, and putting others’ needs before your own? Do you yearn to uncover your passions and express your true self, but don’t know how?

This series of journal-workbooks have been designed with you in mind. They will help you break free of the limitations holding you back and help you redesign your future so you may live the happy life you deserve. If you like to journal with fun, inspirational quotes and guided worksheets, you’ll love the Rebel Diva journals.

So, stop surviving. Start thriving. Don’t waste another minute of your precious life.

Go after your dreams and get them!

My Rebel DreamsThis Rebel Diva Journal #1 will help you uncover your life’s purpose, discover your true passions and identify a vision for your life. 

My Rebel Plans – This Rebel Diva Journal #2 will help you create a treasure map with core goals and strategic action plans to get you to your vision and life dreams.

My Rebel Life – This Rebel Diva Journal #3 focuses on the ten most important facets of your life and gives you the blueprints to create harmony and happiness in your life.

Journal 1 – My Rebel Dreams

Discover your purpose and power up your life

33 Questions to power up your life and discover your passions.

This journal shows you how to find the amazing things you’re meant to do; that is, your ultimate passions and purpose in life. It takes you through a series of guided exercises and thirty three cardinal questions on self-awareness to help you create a vision that matches your fundamental values, your innate desires, and your unique personality.

The sections in this workbook are:

  1. My Values
  2. My Flair
  3. My Zone
  4. My Joy
  5. My Vision
  6. My Service


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Journal 2 – My Rebel Plans

Create a treasure map for your life’s dreams

This journal shows you how to make your vision come alive. Using simplified and personalized models of project and risk management, it guides you in creating your core goals and strategic execution plan, and also give you a tool to track your progress along the way. At the end of this journal, you’ll have a treasure map to get you to your life visions and dreams, a map that will help you stay on your game, no matter what.

The sections in this workbook are:

  1. My Goals
  2. My Plans
  3. My Checks
  4. My Schedule
  5. My Year

Release date: 1 February 2018

Journal 3 – My Rebel Life

Create new habits that bring harmony and happiness to your life

This journal introduces you to the ten most important facets of your life. These are the areas you need to pay attention to if you want to live a fulfilled and happy life. It guides you in designing a healthy, harmonious, and holistic lifestyle that’s in tune with the fundamental values you identified in My Rebel Dreams and the ambitions you wrote down in My Rebel Plans. This book will show how you can start living your life the way it should be lived: excited every single day!

The sections in this workbook are:

  1. Think Well – Mental Health
  2. Move Well – Physical Health
  3. Eat Well – Nutrition Health
  4. Sleep Well – Sleep Health
  5. Love Well – Relationship Health
  6. Learn Well – Knowledge Health
  7. Work Well – Career Health
  8. Invest Well – Wealth Health
  9. Feel Well – Environment Health
  10. Play Well – Life Health

Release date: 1 April 2018