Just received news of the official review of my second novel – Abducted – by Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews.

Feeling stoked especially as I’m in the throes of plotting my next novel series this weekend. Couldn’t have asked for a more awesome note of encouragement to keep on writing my stories of girl power and women empowerment around the world. Am SUPER excited.

“Abducted is the second book in the Red Heeled Rebels series by Tikiri Herath, a suspenseful thriller with strong characters and intriguing themes.

This novel is filled with twists and surprises in the plot that readers won’t see coming. The story takes readers across major cities and countries, from London to Brussels to Luxembourg, following a crime story that is expertly plotted and skillfully written.

The international setting adds to the exhilarating sense of adventure that accompanies the sleuth work in this novel.

The characters are extraordinary, multidimensional, and real. Asha was my favorite, and I enjoyed the bond between her and her friend, which makes the premise of the story even stronger, for it is that friendship at stake when Katy goes missing.

The writing is fluid, with measured sentences and a phraseology that is designed to add to the dramatic depth of the story. I enjoyed the timely paragraph breaks, the careful selection of words, and the mesmerizing narrative tone.”

— Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite, USA