I’m stunned. ABDUCTED, the second novel in the Red Heeled Rebels series, just got nominated for the 2019 Silver Falchion award in the suspense category!

When your first book gets nominated, that can leave you in a quandary. You can’t help but wonder if it was a fluke. Maybe they made a mistake. Maybe it was just dumb luck.

My debut novel, Disowned (retitled Betrayed now), became a finalist in eight literary awards in the USA and won three. This was stupefying.

But now, this second novel has been nominated by an organisation known for murder, mystery, and mayhem – the Killer Nashville Writers’ Conference.

This is supremely exciting but I have let go of any expectations. In the run up to the award is an internationally best-selling author and serial #1 Amazon best-selling novelists. That my book gets to sit among this amazing company is enough.

Disowned has a literary fiction bent, which means it’s not for everybody and some readers have complained it’s a tad slow for a thriller. As the story advances from Dar Es Salaam to Goa to Toronto, I ease off to explore cultural intricacies and how women are treated in different parts of the world.

Abducted, however, is pure suspense, written while the movie played in my mind, reel by reel. This book races from London to Brussels to Luxembourg to France and doesn’t stop till the end. And my message of girl-power only strengthens.

My job is to keep my readers entertained. My goal is to open their eyes and inform them about the world around us. If I can get this formula right, I have won.

Killer Nashville: https://killernashville.com/2019-silver-falchion-finalists

Now, I’m off to open a bottle of wine to celebrate.