“A different kind of story.”

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo meets Kill Bill.


A globe-trotting, award-winning suspense series with spunky heroines who fight for their lives and make the villains pay.

This is vigilante justice on a global scale carried out by sassy, spunky heroines from around the world.

The Red Heeled Rebels series features a diverse cast of iron-willed young women who race across the world to fight for their lives and those of women still shackled by unimaginable horrors everywhere.

And they make the villains pay. Oh yes, they make them pay dearly in the end.

If you like gripping stories with non-stop globetrotting action and complex twists that leave you at the edge of your seat, you’ll love these books.

The Red-Heeled Rebels series include:

  • Prequel Story: SHATTERED (formerly Beginnings)
  • Book One: BETRAYED (formerly Disowned)
  • Book Two: ABDUCTED
  • Book Three: EXILED

Pick up the Red Heeled Rebels to go on a wild international adventure without having to get a passport or even buy an airline ticket.

*Three more international vigilante justice thrillers to come in the Red Heeled Rebels series shortly. Stay tuned!*

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  • “In one word: Wow! Tikiri Herath’s breakout debut novel Disowned is every bit as thrilling to read as it is deeply disturbing.”
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A young girl. A foreign land. An assassination.

Prequel short story to the Red Heeled Rebels Novel Series is available on all major online stores, but get your free copy here by signing up to the Red Heeled Rebels tribe.

Novel One: BETRAYED (Formerly Disowned)

A lost orphan. A forced marriage. A fugitive on the run.
Dar es Salaam – Goa – Toronto

Asha is devastated after losing her parents to an accident in East Africa. She has no idea what her future will hold. That is, until she’s shipped off to a seaside town in India to join an extended family she never knew existed.

In a new country where girls are worthless and forbidden customs prevail, she feels scared and alone. But she’s a fighter determined to survive. Asha believes her new family will protect her, but doesn’t realize her destiny has already been decided. Will she escape the man planning to enslave her? And will her fight for freedom endanger those she loves?

This is a gritty tale of crime and betrayal that will take you from the heart of Tanzania to a traditional village in India, and to the glass tower city of Toronto.


2019 Somerset Award First-in-Category Winner

2018 New York Big Book Award Winner

2019 eLit Awards Silver Medal Winner

2019 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Award finalist

2019 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award Finalist

2019 Eric Hoffer General Fiction Honorable Mention

2018 Silver Falchion Award Finalist 

2018-19 Reader views literary Classics honourable mention

Novel Two: Abducted

A kidnapping. A forbidden place. An escape across borders.
London – Brussels – Luxembourg

Asha and her best friend Katy arrive at London’s Heathrow Airport on their long journey back to South Asia. What they don’t know is their trip is about to take an unexpected turn.

When Katy vanishes in broad daylight, Asha frantically races across the city to find her. She’s breaking the law but has no choice. Ready to sacrifice her own life for her friend, she follows a mysterious robed woman to a place that seems to hold dangerous secrets. Who lives in this house? Is Katy hidden in there, and will Asha find her alive?

This is a gritty tale of crime and revenge that will take you from the streets of London to the cobblestone squares of Brussels, and to the medieval land of citadels and castles in Luxembourg.

2019 Silver Falchion Award Finalist 

Novel Three: Exiled

A lost friend. A death sentence. A fight for freedom.
Mumbai – Nairobi – DAR ES SALAAM

Asha arrives in India with her newfound friends, hoping to reunite with her cousin, only to make an alarming discovery. Asha soon learns that both her cousin and a long lost childhood friend are in grave danger, with a death sentence hanging over one of them. Where are they now and what will Asha have to sacrifice for their freedom?

To be Released in 2019 on Amazon.

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