A story telling video for you!

Beginnings, the short story prequel to the Red-Heeled Rebels series is a story of innocence, audacity, and death. This is also the beginning of the adventures of the Red Heeled Rebels, a band of gutsy, young women who fight for their rights and travel the world to find freedom. Watch the video to hear a reading of the first chapter to Beginnings.

All Asha wants is to belong. Born of parents from two different countries and living in a third, she’s always the stranger, always the outsider. And being a girl is never easy in this world. The day she decides to commit a crime to gain friendship, her whole world collapses. Will this be the end of her life or an unthinkable beginning of a new one?  Find out by downloading your free copy of the full prequel story by clicking on the book cover!

A young girl. A foreign land. An assassination.

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